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A Gem in the desert. If you want to truly escape and wind down from all the overflow of sensations of a busy life in the city this is the place. Extremely simple and minimalist. Super clean. You have no meals served, but deliciously pressed sheets.

I returned with a suitcase full of clean clothes because I spent my time in my bathing suit and the provided robe. Relaxing in the pool, Having massages. At night floating on the water looking in the stars. It is quiet and everybody that was a guest when I was there seemed to respect that quietness, no TVs or radios blaring no loud cellphone babble.
Cristina and Rhoni are the best hosts that you can ask for. You need to talk or ask something and they are available, you want to just breathe they leave you alone. They have a feeling for the needs of their guests.
Was there just a couple of days felt like weeks.

Barbara L.

March 15, 2013 0 Comments Guest Reviews

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