Me and my wife just made are fourth or fifth trip to Sagewater – there is no other place that we continue to return to again and again. Why do we keep coming back? Simply there is nothing to do in desert hot springs – and I mean that in the best way possible – once we arrive we can literally not leave the confines of Sagewater – just soak in the pool/hot tub, read, hang out and relax. Yeah Palm springs is just a short stop away, but if we want to go we stop on the way in or out. If were feeling ambitious we might go for a nearby hike, but the reason to come here is to do nothing and relax.

The other reason is the water – The pool/hot tub is amazing, the natural mineral water feels great. It is a little more buoyant, and has a special quality about it. I will grab a couple of noodles and float for hours or sit in the water with a book.

My favorite time of the day is the 2 hours preceding and just past sunset. I personally find it mandatory to be in the pool at this time – the quality of light is beautiful – reminds me of James Turrell.

What to know: Sagewater is simple – nice clean rooms – it is not a place to go to be waited on or to do a lot of activities. There are little kitchenettes and a bar b q (which is what allows you to stay put).

The host are delightful too, friendly and talkative but will also leave you alone. They will remember you;).

Andrew G, Los Angeles, CA

March 8, 2013 0 Comments Guest Reviews

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