TripAdvisor: Heaven in the Desert

I’ve just returned from staying at the best place to guarantee my feeling relaxed and renewed, Sagewater Spa. This place has it all, including the care and generosity of the owners, Rhoni and Cris. Sagewater is a small resort but has it all in a BIG way, beautiful, immaculate modern room, kitchen area, insanely comfortable bed with Frette linen, not to mention THAT “coffee cake” waiting to eat like a delicious gift. Yum. I have a very consuming job and the pool at Sagewater must have magical properties (probably does with the minerals) because once inside of it, every pain, problem disappears. I can stay in that soothing velvet water until resembling a prune. It the ONLY pool that makes me feel that way! I’m not a pool person.  Back to my work, refreshed and able to face work head on. THANKS Sagewater, you’ve done it again!!

Santa Monica
May 26, 2013 0 Comments Guest Reviews

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