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We’ve been to Sagewater three times over the past two years and enjoyed each stay more than the last. The place is perfect for us and we hope it doesn’t change. We love the quiet desert setting, the mineral water pools, the minimalist mid-century chic, the relaxed ambiance and, last but definitely not least, our warm and attentive hosts, Rhoni, Christina and Sage, who make it all work so seamlessly.

Our usual routine is an early dip in the pool, drying off in the sun, some reading, a drive through the desert, a hike in the park maybe or perhaps lunch in Palm Springs or Palm Desert, visiting the designer outlet, shopping for food, cooking dinner in the kitchen or on the outside barbeque and finishing with a late night soak in the pool under the stars.

Sagewater seems to attract travellers who like the simplicity of it as much as we do. It’s a retreat. The mood is low key. Guests are friendly but privacy is respected. Peace and quiet reigns. If you need to use a cellphone, you’ll be encouraged to talk indoors. Those who expect a higher level of amenities (ie, more products, bigger fridge, etc.) or want to be closer to the action, whatever that means, tend to go elsewhere.

We’ll be back.

Mingus 380

Vancouver, Canada

November 17, 2013 0 Comments Guest Reviews

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