TripAdvisor: Peace, quiet and comfort

Upon arriving at Sagewater and meeting Ronnie, we felt like we had just landed at the home of an old friend. She was so warm, interesting and interested in our relaxation. She knew exactly what we needed (i.e., not to get dressed up to go to dinner in Palm Springs but instead to stay local and casual). She knew to change our massage time because we were running late (I had called to let them know but hadn’t thought to change our massage time). She knew before we did what we’d want. And she was right. She told us to drop our bags and go in the water. I never wanted to get out. The room was perfect. A kitchen for cooking if one desires, super clean and, of course, Frette sheets. The other guests were interesting and friendly. It’s like summer camp for tired creative professionals and artists. The best part was the silence. It was so quiet and relaxed. Just what we needed to clear our heads. We’re plotting how to get back asap.

Los Angeles
January 13, 2014 0 Comments Guest Reviews

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